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This is a low poly pack full of resources that will fit your retro project greatly!

In this you will get over 170 assets for FREE! It includes 94 modular hedge maze parts and 77 miscellaneous assets, including flowers beds, buildings and fences, all with pixelated low resolution textures in three PNG atlases.

Need help importing? Check these videos out!

These videos should be pretty straightforward however hit me up if you have any questions. Also subscribe for more tutorials and indie game dev content!


The models on this pack are under the CC0 license, you can check more information about the license here.

Credit is not mandatory but greatly appreciated.

Textures come from CC0Textures.com.

Most flower images come from Pixabay, this pack doesn't violate their licensing terms since it's transformative content, you can check more information about their license terms here.

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AuthorElegant Crow
Tags3D, Blender, Low-poly, maze, Modular, nature, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Unity, Unreal Engine


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Modular Hedge Maze Pack 1.6 MB


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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Glad you like it!


Hey there, the maze pack looks great! How do you avoid the overlapping texture problem when laying out the maze pieces on a grid? 

This seems to happen because the beveled outer edges extend beyond the grid. Additionally, you can see the flickering through the masked layer since there aren't versions of the pieces that have the connecting faces removed. 

I'm guessing I'll need to open the files in blender, remove the faces, and save a different version. Thanks!

Glad you like it! You can either do that or move the parts that overlap slightly to any direction, I believe a very small amount like 0.001 would work already.


Got it, thank you!

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hey, I was wondering does this pack work in unreal engine 5 properly?

because I was able to import everything and get the textures working but when I put the opacity mask on the texture for the flowers, it ends up butchering the whole texture.

P.S: I'm still in my early ages of learning unreal, so this definitely could be just something on my side that ruined it.

(1 edit)

I never tested on Unreal but it should work, maybe you didn't set the Blend Mode to Masked? You can try this post I did a while ago, it's the same workflow https://itch.io/post/4700055

Well, the blend mode was already set to masked. because if it wasn't. I wouldn't be able to put the opacity on it at all but I did change the textures filter to nearest like stated which didn't change anything.

Seems like it's making some colors transparent, maybe try changing the value of "Alpha Coverage Thresold". I wish I could test it myself but with my current desktop I can't run UE. :(

(1 edit)

Omg I'm a idiot, I had the opacity mask connected to the "R" instead of the alpha channel which automatically fixed everything, so sorry about this whole nuisance and thank you for making this pack and helping me!!

and if you mind me asking, what the problem when you run unreal engine?

Oh that makes sense it was basically turning a color into transparency then, no problem at all, I'm glad you managed to make it work, feel free to hit me up if you need any kind of assistance!

And I can't run Unreal Engine because I currently have no GPU on my desktop since mine broke down a cloupe of months ago, because of that my computer struggles to run Unity and Unreal doesn't even open anymore. 


which software do you use to create these🤔

I use Blender :)

Hi there,

Thanks for that awesome work! Would u be able to share the project file the video showcasing by any chance thou?


Hello, I'm glad you like it!
Do you have discord or something like that?

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, I have :) Balazs "Ben" Lesko#2354
Thanks man ;)


Really awesome work again dude

Thank you!