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This is a retro style tree pack that will fit your PSX games nicely! The pack includes 36 trees and 8 different bushes, all with pixelated low resolution textures.

The models use the same base mesh and the triangles count are the same with different proportions to fit the several tree shapes included, all with the low poly retro style we all love. Trees have 52 triangles while the bushes have 16 triangles.

Made for Miziziziz's Retro 3D Graphics Collection.

Need help importing? Check these videos out!

These videos should be pretty straightforward however hit me up if you have any questions. Also subscribe for more tutorials and indie game dev content!


The models on this pack are under the CC0 license, you can check more information about the license here.

Credit is not mandatory but greatly appreciated.

Textures come from CC0Textures.com.

Most tree images come from Pixabay, this pack doesn't violate their licensing terms since it's transformative content, you can check more information about their license terms here.

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AuthorElegant Crow
Tags3D, Asset Pack, Blender, Low-poly, nature, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Unity, Unreal Engine


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Fantastic pack, the trees look amazing, they're as low poly as they can be while still looking great.

Thank you for uploading this!


Glad you like it!

Thank you very much! You saved me from a lot of time. God bless you

I'm glad it's useful, thank you for downloading!


Yo bro thank you for that package <3


Glad you like it!


Wanted to say this is a fantastic pack! I'm currently working on a retro PS1 racer and I was getting bogged down by the amount of trees and they just didn't match exactly what I was looking for. However, this pack is closer to the type of trees used in NFS High Stakes which is a major inspiration. I used the textures included to create a repeating texture for barrier walls to save performance and give the illusion of depth, thought that I'd share it!


I'm glad it's useful! The repeating texture looks great!

If you need more variety check my Retro Nature Pack too


Game isn't available for download till October 31st, but i used these in a Halloween PSX horror game here: https://bjhemmingway.itch.io/trick-or-treat

Here's the trailer for a sneak peak!

Thank you so much!

Wow I love how that looks, awesome job!


thanks 🙏 put a lot of love into this project 😊

That's always great to see!


Hi, thank you for the trees!  They were perfect for my first game jam horror game. https://rinsdoll.itch.io/haunted-corn-maze

Glad it's useful! Your game looks cool!

Hi! Thanks for the asset. I am having issues with the trees in Unity. The trees are just images.

Hey, I'm glad it's useful!
Follow the importing tutorial and it should look good https://youtu.be/Li_A9tFjkpY

Thanks so much!! This helped. (:


these are awesome, thank you some much

Glad you like it!

Deleted 334 days ago

Yes go for it! Don't forget to show me your game!


Thank you so much, these look awesome. Great work!

Thank you!

Hi! Despite the fact that the description says that this package can be used in my games, I still want to clarify, can I use these trees in my commercial game? (And you can briefly describe the license "Pixabay", I have a link to it does not open) Thank you in advance.

Yes you can use it on commercial projects for sure!
The license is CC0(https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/).
Pixabay is the website where I got the tree images to make the textures, they allow commercial use too.


Vlw man, mt bom. (Tava afim de prototipar um game porem como so quero testar/validar preferi usar modelos/meshes estilo ps1 ou n64, porem do jeito que essas arvores ficaram no game, acho que vou acabar fazendo o game todo low poly/psx haha)


Isso ae man, eu sou muito fã desse estilo kk
Da uma olhada no meu perfil, tem uns pack bem legal se tiver precisando :D


The Brazuka man? BR né? aposto. 


Sim :)

Dude thanks this is just what i need for my game!!!<3

Oh great! :D

Great work. An excellent pack. They don't suit my current game but your models inspired me to make my own similar ones with fruit/berries on them. 

Thank you! Hope you make some awesome stuff!


great idea with the models. Really helps reduce draw calls so simple but effective 

(2 edits)

Yeah, even though it's quite low poly already, I tend to put a lot of attention on making it as optimized as possible


great idea with the models. Really helps reduce draw calls so simple but effective 


hi i really like the trees but i have a problem when input the .png file the transperent parts are black. do you know how to fix it or anyone else? im useing Godot


Hello! You just need to check the option "Use Alpha Scissors" on the "Parameters" section of the material, for more detailed information check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2sqX8ZI8Os


thank you very much, I really appreciate it


You're welcome! I'm glad you like my stuff! :D

Hey! Thanks a lot for your asset, they are great! I've made a  game using it , and I credited you in the game page! Here is the link in case you want to check it out : https://roguetaver.itch.io/the-parking-lot

Sorry for the late reply, no idea how I missed this, but thank you so much for the credits, your game looks very cool! Stay tuned for more asset packs!

Deleted 2 years ago

Having trouble with the trees Blender

(1 edit) (+1)

If you are using the Principled BSDF node connect the Image Texture's Alpha to it's Alpha. 
Then on the material's settings change the Blend Mode from "Opaque" to one of the Alpha options, I prefer "Alpha Hashed" but "Alpha Blend" and "Alpha Clip" may work the same or better for you.
On the Image Texture node change the texture interpolation from "Linear" to "Closest".


The issue was i didn't  have my alpha connected to alpha input on shading thank youuu

You're welcome!


This is amazing.

I'm glad you like it!


I adore this style. Great work!

Thank you! Stay tuned for more!


I have issues getting these to work with UE. Is there a specific way I should be importing these?


What are the issues? I never tested importing to UE but it should work like every other engine, take a look at this https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/WorkingWithContent/Importing/FBX/

I gave it another shot just now. It doesn't seem to want to import correctly and if I work around the issue the trees won't look right. It could be that I'm still importing them incorrectly but I've tried importing into level, dragging the full folder into the game content, and even individually importing the assets and plugging them together manually. 

Manually plugging the assets in does work but the trees don't look right and I think that could be because I'm not too sure how to properly mask things out and all that. 

I feel bad bugging you but do you have any other ideas I could try?

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Oh don't feel bad, I'm always down to help!
I never tried Unreal before but I just downloaded it to test a bit, my low end computer barely runs it haha

So first you need to import the fbx and it's respective png texture like normal, first double click the png and change the texture filter to nearest:

Then double click on the material and change the Blend Mode to "Masked":

After that you drag the png image to the material and arrange it like this:

And it works!

Looks weird with this shading but I'm sure you know how to make it better, make sure to disable mipmaps and stuff like that.

Anyway I hope it helps, feel free to ask if you have more questions!


Thanks for making such lovely trees :)

I'm glad you liked it! :)


These are so leafy and lovely! Thank you :) I hope to find a use for them in the near future and will dl then.

Thank you!
If you do something please let me know, I would love to check it out! :D


I ended up using a few of your beautiful trees and bushes to try out some weird godot lighting in this project. Thanks again for sharing this pack!!! https://obliviist.itch.io/laughingstock-apocalypse

Sounds awesome! I will take a look :)


Really awesome work dude!


Thank you! I'm finishing a new project in this style, stay tuned!


How would I use these in Unity? Great job btw!


Hello! Thank you for your feedback!

To use these on Unity, you just need to import the FBX files(or the entire folder, it will make things easier), then click on the model you want to use and on it's Inspector click on "Materials" and then click on "Extract Materials..." and choose where do you want to extract the material inside your project folder.

Select the material you extracted and on it's Inspector you need to change the Rendering Mode to "Cutout", and then you can drag the correspondent PNG texture(it has the same name of the FBX model) to the material Albedo, change the Alpha Cutoff to 0.1 and disable Specular Highlights and Reflections.

Now click on the PNG texture and on it's Inspector you just need to enable "Alpha is Transparency" and disable "Generate Mip Maps", also change "Filter Mode" to "Point (no filter)". This will make the texture look pixelated instead of the blurry standard.

I hope I made everything clear and it works great for you! :)


Thanks for the reply!

I kinda got it to work but I think the material inspector is different for me since I can't see the rendering mode or alpha cutoff option, the reason for this might be that I'm using the URP, instead of the normal pipeline. This might also be the reason that I only can see the inside textures of the trunk and the leaves kinda look weird. But I'm not quite sure because I'm just a beginner at this kind of stuff haha.


I'm not familiar with how URP works, but you need to basically disable texture filterings to make it look like the screenshots.
And the problem with the trunk, that's the issue I mentioned, you just need to download the pack again because I fixed it yesterday, I acidentally left the normals facing the opposite side, but now its facing the right way.

If you need more assistance feel free to ask ;)

Deleted 1 year ago

I agree, in fact I plan to make some tutorial videos about it, covering multiple engines, it can be confusing if you're not used to import stuff.

On a side note, I suggest you download it again, I've just updated it because there were some bugs on the older version.


Just a heads up, when these are imported into Unity they’re defaulted to 100 units on the X Y and Z, to fix this, apply your scales in Blender (select all objects, press CMD/Ctrl+A and apply scale and rotation) then when you export the FBX check the Apply Transform option

Oh thank you for the advice, I didn't realized the defalult was that big, I appreciate your attention, probably I will update it soon.
I applied scale on all the models with Ctrl+A, just didn't applied it on import.
Thank you for letting me know!

No worries man, I know how to do it so I fixed my version, but you might get a few people complaining about it… Even though it’s free, you know what people are like!!

Yeah you're right, but despite being free, I would hate to know somebody had a hard time working with my models, its better to keep everything working as it's supposed to, I will update this when I can.